A Wedding In Barbados

The reason I went to Barbados in the first place was for a wedding. I didn’t explain that in my last post, 4 Days In Barbados because I felt that the wedding needed its own post. My mom and her fiancé decided to get married in Barbados because it was where they took their first trip together. It was the perfect wedding destination and the resort took care of everything!


_dsc0622-copy                        _dsc0666-copy

Shopping for a dress in January/February for a summer wedding was harder than I thought. I wanted something light, simple and Self Portrait inspired. I found this Moon River dress at Nordstrom and it was exactly what I was looking for, however I would have liked it in a lighter colour. Since my dress was black I wanted light colour shoes and these blush Halogen lace-up heals from Nordstrom were perfect!


Dress: (Simmilar) Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom 


_dsc0663-copy              _dsc0648-copy


Sisters Dress: Reiss


Mom’s Dress: Nordstrom

After the wedding we had some drinks and took pictures by the ocean. We then had a four course dinner which was incredible. Lobster bisque soup, sweet potato appetiser, a Mahi Mahi entrée and apple crumble for desert! We had our drinks and dinner overlooking the ocean. It was a perfect day!

_DSC0739 copy.jpg _DSC0733 copy.jpg img_8946-copy xx

Stay Beautiful,



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