Hollywood Cone

Hollywood Cone makes the most amazing ice cream cones, banana splits and especially milkshakes! When I heard about their deluxe milkshakes I had to try them. I chose the Mr. Wiggum, which is a coffee milkshake with two freshly made donuts on top!

_DSC0170 copy.jpg

You can see why they called it the Mr. Wiggum.


_DSC0161 copy.jpg

The milkshake was delicious! It tasted like an Ice Cap (from Tim Hortons) on steroids. The donuts were fresh, warm and gooey. The milkshakes are pricy but sooo worth it!

_DSC0168 copy

_DSC0164 copy.jpg

_DSC0174 copy

The place is small, but the way they decorated inside is perfect! They created the door to the washroom to look like door from Friends and above the door they have Friends playing on repeat. The tables are all wood but along the back wall they have theater seats.

_DSC0156 copy

_DSC0175 copy

_DSC0180 copy

_DSC0189 copy

_DSC0182 copy

Top: Aritzia, Skirt: H&M, Jacket: Danier Leather, Shoes: Nordstrom, Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Here are some of the other milkshakes you can enjoy:



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