Food Truck Frenzy

Yesterday I went to the Food Truck Frenzy in Whitby. The Rotary Club of whitby sets up this event and brings in multiple food vendors, food trucks, local talent and events. They even had axe throwing this year. The food festival has been going on for about four years and has grown into the Finest Foodie Festival in the Durham Region. I love to go and try out new vendors and favourite food trucks.

This year my boyfriend and I tried out a good selection of vendors…. we ate a lot! We started off with Gangster Cheese and got a pulled pork mac & cheese grilled cheese sandwich. It was by far my favourite thing we tried all day!

IMG_9476 copy

_DSC0618 copy

Next we tried Mustache Burger and it was actually really disappointing. My boyfriend loves burgers and he did not like the burger we got at all! I am not sure how the rest of the menu was but we were not a fan of the burgers!

IMG_9479 copy

_DSC0628 copy

Next I ate at Buster’s Sea Cove. My Boyfriend doesn’t like sea food but I love it and I go to this food truck every year! This year I got the Lobster Roll and it was delicious. I also have had their fish tacos and they are just as good!

IMG_9481 copy

_DSC0623 copy     _DSC0629 copy

_DSC0627 copy

_DSC0642 copy

Johnny Rocco’s Pizza Wagon was a new truck I believe. I have never seen it before, but when we walked by and saw they were doing wood fire pizzas we had to try them! We got mozzarella Rice balls and a pepperoni pizza. They were so good and my boyfriend said that the pizza made up for his burger!

_DSC0634 copy.jpg

_DSC0633 copy

_DSC0635 copy

After all that we both wanted dessert. They had so many options, but we went for the classic Canadian option, Beavertails. Our favourite is the reese’s peanut butter and Nutella Beavertail. The presentation wasn’t that pretty, but it still tasted amazing! Then on our way out we walked by this cute coffee truck called Brewing Bean and I got a latte. We had such a nice day and we left very full!

_DSC0653 copy

IMG_9482 copy

_DSC0647 copy

_DSC0657 copy


Stay Beautiful,





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