Fathers Day || Taco Fest

Normally for fathers day my sister and I will cook my dad dinner and hang out. This year I saw that Taste Toronto was hosting a Taco Fest during the fathers day weekend and I thought it would be the perfect thing to do! I haven’t  been before and we didn’t know what to expect, but both my dad and I are huge foodies (we LOVE watching the food channel!). The weather wasn’t suppose to be good on fathers day, but it turned out to be a lot nicer than we expected!



The first thing we did when we got there was get tacos (obviously!). I saw that Busters Sea Cove had a stand and I went straight there! I love their food and they make the best tacos. I got the lobster taco and fish taco to start. While we ate our tacos we walked around and listened to the live music and mariachi band.


Busters Sea Cove: Lobster and fish tacos

                   IMG_0048 .             IMG_0079



Then we went to a stand called Frida and got tuna sashimi and pulled pork tacos. We hung out had some drinks and got desert! We got ice cream tacos at Booyah and a popsicle at Chill Pops.


Frida: Tuna sashimi and pulled pork tacos

                     IMG_0015 .            IMG_0028


IMG_0027 .         IMG_0034


Dress: Zara, Shoes: Converse, Bag: Coach


The day turned out to be perfect, the weather was nice and the food was amazing! It was the perfect way to spend Fathers day with our dad!

I would love to know your Fathers Day traditions!


Stay Beautiful,






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