Prosecco Ice Lollies

Since summer has arrived and we just had a long weekend (Canada’s 150th Birthday!), I wanted to make the perfect refreshing beverage to bring down to the dock at the cottage. Since it has been so hot I decided to experiment and make a cocktail into ice lollies! I love Prosecco so I decided to make Prosecco lemonade Ice Lollies. It was supper easy and you only need a few ingredients!

_DSC1073 copy.jpg

You need:

_DSC1080 copy

Basically all you need to do now is mix! I started with a small bottle of Prosecco (It was a 375 ml bottle). Then I added some soda water and some Simply raspberry lemonade. I added raspberries into the molds then poured the cocktail on top and then let them freeze overnight. I thought they turned out perfect, they were delicious and refreshing!

_DSC1078 copy

_DSC1085 copy   _DSC1088 copy

_DSC1092 copy

_DSC1093 copy

_DSC1086 copy

_DSC1090 copy

If you are not a fan of Prosecco I would suggest trying  another cocktail, maybe a Mojito! Whats your favourite summer drink?


Stay Beautiful,




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