The Statement Jacket

A statement jacket doesn't have to be as out there as this one. The jacket can become a statement by colour, embellishments, prints, studs, or fringe. It can be something that you might not wear everyday, but can complete your outfit. I normally wouldn't go for a jacket with fringe, but I have a weakness … Continue reading The Statement Jacket



If you live in Toronto you know all about The CNE. It always opens in Toronto at the end of the summer and it's basically a massive fair. It has everything you want all in one spot; amazing food, rides, games, shopping, shows, animals, exhibits, music, and even parades. I try and go every year … Continue reading The CNE

Body Paint

My sister has gotten more and more into makeup artistry and has decided to go to school for it! She is working on her portfolio, so she asked me to be her model. She experiments with all styles of makeup, but she wanted to try body art. I was all for it and wanted to … Continue reading Body Paint